Roller conveyors with chain and belt driven cylindrical rollers

Straight handling systems consisting of a cylindrical roller top

Their ease of ease makes them the most suitable solution for low and medium speed handling of boxes, pallets, drums and all products with a flat support surface.

They are divided into different types:
– GRAVITY IDLER ROLLER CONVEYORS: they take advantage of the push exerted by the operator and can even be positioned on gentle slope;
– MOTOR DRIVEN ROLLER CONVEYORS: the rollers are controlled by a chain system driven by a gearmotor. They are used in automated transport lines or in loading/unloading systems of operating machines;
– FRICTION ROLLER CONVEYORS: the rollers are equipped with a mechanical friction system that allows product contact build up without pressure and without stopping the line drive;
– CONICAL ROLLER BENDS: they can connect straight sections together or create an established non-rectilinear path, with 45°/90°/180° bends.

Roller conveyors with chain driven cylindrical rollers

Roller conveyors with belt driven cylindrical rollers

Idler roller conveyors

Conical roller bends